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Bulk Whatsapp

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows users to Send Text, Images, Videos, Pdf etc. Here, the user can find other various tools to Run Multimedia Campaign with report. Report tab allows extracting all campaign report as per individual mobile number delivery status.

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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Panel having unlimited virtual numbers channels. This Panel is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use. Use WhatsApp bulk message Panel to get 100% delivery on WhatsApp numbers.

  • Complete WhatsApp Marketing Solution
  • Smooth way of sending messages
  • Multiple virtual numbers supported
  • Allows Unlimited Messages
  • Allows Multi-multimedia message (Text, Images, Videos, PDF)
  • All Campaign detail Reports

All user can create and maintain WhatsApp marketing campaigns and also control timezone and quantity as per thier need.

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  • Bulk WhatsApp Panel
  • Bulk WhatsApp Software
  • Send Message From Virtual Number
  • Send Message From Random Number
  • All Data Export & Import

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What is WhatsApp marketing software?

It is a tool that enables your business to send bulk messages to your customers on WhatsApp without having to save their contact details, i.e. run your entire WhatsApp Marketing strategy. Using this tool you can send engaging messages that contain text, images, documents and videos.

How bulk WhatsApp work?

To send a bulk WhatsApp Message, navigate to the Broadcast module and click on Add Broadcast. Then, name the bulk message and choose WhatsApp as the channel. Tags provide an easy way to send targeted WhatsApp bulk messages.

Is WhatsApp marketing effective?

WhatsApp marketing works as a sort of magic wand for your sales. The simple trick of adding a WhatsApp phone number on your website may result in a 27% more sales leads. It seems like the opportunity to reach a brand through any messaging app alone instills confidence in potential customers.

Are WhatsApp bots allowed?

The most critical limitation is the chatbot's purpose. It's forbidden to use WhatsApp chatbot for marketing and promotional notifications. It is best to use WhatsApp chatbots for customer service and non-promotional notifications. In such cases, you are more likely to get WhatsApp API access.

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